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GM late model engine swap kits for cars and trucks

• We design our kits to bolt into existing holes in the chassis so with most of our kits there is no drilling or welding required.


• We take the dimensional differences of the LS engine, crank centerline and chassis squareness into account. Ignoring this causes fit and angle problems.


• We design all of our kits together on real project cars to insure proper clearance for all swap components. Insuring adequate steering clearance so your turning radius isn’t compromised.


• All of our kits include the transmission crossmember and are designed to maintain the correct drive-line angle.


• Our Sure-Fit crossmembers support all early and late model transmissions including the new 8L90E eight speed automatics.


 • We manufacture our kits from high grade American made steel. They are laser cut, precision bent, and powder coated. Making them substantially stronger than adapter plates and slider mounts.


 • Our Headers feature 3/8” laser cut flanges with the tubes welded inside and out and then machined. They are either stainless steel or ceramic coated.


• We offer several primary sizes, giving you the ability to match the headers to your horsepower level. This insures your combination not only makes the best horsepower but also good midrange and low-end torque.


• Our mounts come with polyurethane bushings that have a lifetime replacement warranty.

What makes our conversion kits the best in the industry?

Why convert to a late model engine?

When deciding to rebuild the original engine or convert to an late model engine, there are some really good points to take into consideration.

Of course the biggest consideration is power and efficiency. These new engines make great power with some of the best power per cubic inch ratios we have ever seen. Another point is fuel consumption. When used with the late model overdrive transmissions it’s easy to get 20+ miles per gallon out of your old muscle car. How much more enjoyment can you get from your car with mileage like that? Not only the amount of fuel the engine consumes but also the type. It is nor uncommon to see ethanol enrichment in todays fuels as much as 15% to 20%. These fuels have bad side effects for vintage engines and fuel systems. Current technology used on late model engines makes it possible to run as much as 85% ethanol enrichment.


Engine temperament is another consideration that separates the LS/LT engines from older conventional engines. Anyone that has driven a carbureted engine in cold or hot weather can attest to the bad temperament of them. With the fuel injected technology used to drive the new engines it’s possible to have a 600+HP engine with smooth start up and comfortable cruise from the turn of the key. No more fouled plugs, odor, or overheating that is common with older engines.


Next is simply performance. For the hard core enthusiast there is a considerable weight savings when compared to a conventional small or big block engine. Handling will improve dramatically. The advancements in internal combustion technology in the last 40 years is staggering. We can now have major big block power in the light small package.


The last point to look at is longevity. A well tuned LS engine is designed to run well over 100,000 miles with little or no maintenance except oil changes. We have seen many LS engines that run well into the 300,000 mile range without any major engine work.


It’s time for your muscle car to evolve to one of the best American power-trains the auto industry has ever seen.


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